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Preregistration is required for ALL courses. 


All courses are held at our training center located at 11805 W Hampton Ave Suite 102

Granny’s Houses INC is also a full service CBRF Training Center offering CBRF Training's in the following areas: Medication Administration, Fire Safety, Standard Precautions, First Aid & Choking, CPR and Residents Right. We offer classes monthly at our training facility. We also offer classes at your location for groups of 5 or more.

Preregistration is required for ALL courses. 

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Course Fee Schedule:

CBRF Fire Safety: $65.00

This is an extensive 5 hours course covering the basics of fire safety. Participants will learn to identify the stages of fire, how a fire spreads, extinguishing methods and precautions in working with various flammable materials. Learn how to run various types of fire drills and other important life-saving information.

CBRF Medication Administration: $110 per student 

This is a 10 hour course participants where participates will learn how to dispense medication, the do’s and don’ts of working with medications, and medication side effects.

CBRF Standard Precautions: $65.00

This 3 hour course identifies blood borne disorders and ways to decrease your risk of exposure and contraction.

CPR: $55.00

This 4 hour course teaches participants the skills of CPR, Rescue Breathing, and Conscious and Unconscious Choking. Participants will also learn to recognize and respond to heart emergencies, strokes, diabetic emergencies, poisonings and seizures.

CBRF First Aid & Choking: $65.00

In this course participants will learn the basics of wound care and ways to recognize and respond to sudden illnesses in this 4 hour course.

Resident Rights: $40.00

This course teaches the Resident Rights and Confidentiality Laws. This is a 3 hour course.

Check our calendar for upcoming CBRF Courses and registration specials. 

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